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Your music... good hands with the duo con:trust

They make music and want more about itMusicttheory detecthear? Or you think about it with thatAccordion lessons to start? Then you've come to the right place: The duo offers courses in music theory and accordion. Online, from the comfort of your own home. Everything you needigen is a laptop with a camera and a stable internet connection. The duo con:trust is looking forward to sharing the knowledge they have gained from over 20 years of music career with you! 



The first composition by Marius Staible

Consisting of three movements, this composition was created in close collaboration with Stephan Bahr in 2015. It was awarded the Carl Müllerhartung Composition Prize twice and a special prize at WESPE and is now established as a compulsory piece in competitions. Unplugged³ is a varied composition for accordion solo that offers a good introduction to modern accordion literature for advanced students.

by Marius Staible
for accordion solo
Difficulty level: 5

Publisher: Edition Wunn 2015


con:trust in an interview

The startup con:trust, the training in Weimar, the accordion and special projects - first-hand information!


Marius Staible and Daniel Roth in a hail of questions


Booking: Laura Jung

Tel: +49 176 43346737


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR

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