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Learn to think about music - from the comfort of your own home.

Basics like reading music and understanding rhythm? Preparation for studying music? Interested in the history of our music? Get better at your own instrument? No problem! Daniel Roth's course offers the right option for everyone!

The three pillars of music theory

Music history

Let's take an example from our favorite composers, favorite bands or favorite songs! You can learn theory through music from Dufay to Lachenmann or Piazzolla to Billie Eilish. Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach was once in prison or Joseph Haydn lost his head?

Music theory


What a headache sometimes music theory tasks give you! Whether it's basics like reading music or understanding rhythm, or more advanced content like church keys or counterpoint... we'll talk about it and clear the fog!

Your own music


Nothing is more fun than putting what you have learned into practice.  Music theory not only stimulates thought and provides new perspectives on what is being played, but also enables you to compose, improvise and transcribe!

Music theory is more than just theory

With it you can discover the hidden treasures of music and in the Implement practice. 

About the mentor

Daniel Roth

  • Bachelor of Music 2019 (accordion) at the Franz Liszt University of Music Weimar

  • Master of Music (music theory + accordion) in 2023 at the Franz Liszt University of Music Weimar and at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki

  • Lecture at the Central German Conference for Music Theory 2022 Leipzig

  • Promotional prize at the GMTH improvisation competition in Salzburg 2022

  • Music teacher at the Erfurt Music School since 2022


your advantages

The course takes place comfortably from home. The course consists of individual lessons = 100% attention from the mentor to the student! No special requirements are expected - the course is suitable for everyone and adapts to your individual needs and interests. The course is always 45 minutes long and can be booked in the following sets:

6 hour course: €156

9 hour course: 205€

Are you ready? Apply for one nowfree trial lesson to get to know each other and exchange ideas!

"Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate"

"Many famous musicians have followed this well-known three-step and it represents important core elements of artistic learning.
Whether W. A. Mozart, Serge Prokofiev, Herbie Hancock or Jacob Collier - they all had role models and idols from whom they learned and were inspired. Music theory gives us the necessary tools and enables us to do the same. 
There is no end to learning!"  


Mentor's thoughts

Daniel Roth

The most frequently asked questions

Maybe yours is there too?

I don't know anything about music theory. Is the course still right for me?

I felt the same way 10 years ago, I was even a little afraid of it. But it was even more fun to explore an undiscovered area.explore.

Can I also use the music theory lessons for my musical development on my instrument?

Naturally! We can even actively use your instrument in lessons. You will be surprised at what you discover.

I would like to be able to improvise more freely on my instrument. Will the course help me with this?

Improvisation requires a certain level of understanding of music theory. Here theory and practice often meet in a way that brings a lot of joy.

I am interested in the music history surrounding Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Is there a chance to find out more about her?

In the course we will often deal with the great masters of music, regardless of who they areTime they come from!

How much does the course cost me? What do I have to bring with me for this?

The course costs €180 for 6 units and €243 for 9 units. It is best to bring music paper and a pencil, as well as a laptop with a camera and a working internet connection.

I play the accordion! Does the instrument have a special one?Connection music theory?

How to onnamesAs you can see, the accordion is perfect for theory lessons. Creating music from mature considerations is a special thingExperience!

I want to study music! Can the course prepare me for the aptitude test?

We address special exam conditions and cover all the topics you need for your studies!

My child has a lot of trouble reading music. Furthermore, it has Rhythm problems. Can the course be a solution?

The basics are also included and can be covered in my course if requested.

They play Accordion?

We also offer online accordion lessons!

You are interested?

Apply now for a free trial lesson in which you can get to know Daniel better and receive initial answers to your questions!


Booking: Laura Jung

Tel: +49 176 43346737


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR

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