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Akkordeonduo con:trust Marius Staible Daniel Roth
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accordionduo con:trust®

Marius Staible & Daniel Roth

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“Using and further developing the possibilities of our time
makes the duo con:trust a modern music startup” –Deutschlandfunk culture

Between tradition and modernity

Although the accordion is a relatively young instrument, it has a high degree of tradition in Europe and South America. The instrument has developed into a classic concert instrument over the last 50 years. You can expect everything at a concert by the accordion duo con:trust: from classical music to jazz and pop transcriptions to the modern avant-garde original literature of our time - there is something for everyone. If you are interested in Live concertsSheet Music or Music theory- and Accordion courses You are cordially invited to fill out the contact form and write the duo a message.

rayo de sol cover



Rayo de Sol

composed 2019

For two accordions


El mafioso cover



El Mafioso

composed 2019

For two accordions


Sheet Music

Own compositions, arrangements, student literature

Here you will find a selection of sheet music for accordion duo, accordion solo and chamber music ensembles!  


con:trust in concert

Are you still looking for the right musical accompaniment/setting for your event or would you like to organize a concert together with the duo con:trust? Marius Staible and Daniel Roth look back on many years of concert experience at private events, company celebrations, foundation, political and congress events, as well as in renowned concert halls. Whether in the Berlin Philharmonie, at the Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau, at the political party celebrations of the Bundestag or at private weddings - contrust always surprises its customers with innovative accordion interpretations. The two young musicians move fluently between different genres and create a distinctive and individual sound.


Der Akkordeonhandschuh des Duos con:trust! In drei verschiedenen Größen ab sofort erhältlich!


professional accordion glove


The second channel

Live recordings

On the YouTube secondary channel Trustieman you will find classical works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti and Maurice Ravel, jazz transcriptions by Stevie Wonder, Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington, but also works by famous contemporary composers such as Georg Katzer, Magnus Lindberg and Toshio Hosokawa. 

Die CD des Duos:

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Vonderau Museum Fulda sowie der Loheland Stiftung entstand 2019 eine einmalige CD mit Einspielungen verschollener Kompositionen der Loheland-Bewegung. Die Kompositionen der Loheländerinnen Thea von Heinleth, Marie Therese Commichau, Dorothee Fikentscher und Hertha Oblasser besitzen ihre eigene Klangsprache,  welche durch das Akkordeon nicht besser dargestellt werden könnte. Die Kompositionen setzen sich aus Tänzen, Liedern und Instrumentalwerken zusammen. 

Die CD ist für 12€ erhältlich. Füllen Sie bei Interesse einfach das Kontaktformular aus um die CD zugeschickt zu bekommen!

Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Daniel Roth & Marius Staible


A selection for you:

What shouldn't be missing from any accordion concert? A tango of course! A click on the video on the left will take you directly to the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, where the duo performed Gorka Hermosa's fiery "Anantango" in 2018. Click right and you'll find yourself in a treetop path accompanied by the upbeat jazz music of Bobby Hebbs.

Marius Staible

con:trust in an interview

The startup con:trust, the training in Weimar, the accordion and special projects - first-hand information!


Marius Staible and Daniel Roth in a hail of questions

Daniel Roth & Marius Staible young

The story of the duo

How did it all start? How different are they really? What is the contrast and what is the trust? Here you will find insights into the now 15 year old Acquaintance of the duo. 

At the very end you will also find the life philosophy of the two musicians, which can still be found in their music today.

Your music... good hands with Duo con:trust!

They make music and want more about it Music theory experienced? Or you think about it with that Accordion lessons to start? Then you've come to the right place: the duo offersCourses in music theory and accordion. Online, from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop with a camera and a stable internet connection. The duo con:trust is looking forward to sharing the knowledge they have gained from over 20 years of music career with you! 


Booking: Laura Jung

Tel: +49 176 43346737


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR


Partner der Konzertdirektion Jürgen Krewer in Zweibrücken

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