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The story of the duo

How did it all start? How different are they really? What is the contrast and what is the trust? On this page you will find insights into the now 15 year old Acquaintance of the duo.



The beginning of a friendship

"Wake up, wake up!..."

Daniel shakes Marius awake. It is 1 p.m. at the accordion master course in Ottweiler, where the two music students were the youngest participants to receive lessons from top-class accordion professors alongside long-time music students. An honor that you definitely shouldn't miss. Daniel and Marius had known each other for a long time from previous courses and competitions, but this was the first time they shared a room together. The beginning of a long-term friendship was initially defined by the similarities. The two young musicians still only meet at the accordion courses in Daniel's hometown of Ottweiler - Marius travels from Nuremberg, where they will also shoot their first music video.




Two boys with accordions, mischievous grins on their faces, their brown hair styled to the side - you can't tell from the young duo, but Daniel and Marius are two completely different people. And musically, their interests also differ significantly. That's what I particularly like the different training that the two musicians enjoyed during their time at music school: Marius only received lessons of a more classical nature from Stephan Bahr, while Daniel's musical career spanned several stations and instruments and initially began with traditional accordion literature.



The first composition by Marius Staible

Consisting of three movements, this composition was created in close collaboration with Stephan Bahr in 2015. It was awarded the Carl Müllerhartung Composition Prize twice and a special prize at WESPE and is now established as a compulsory piece in competitions. Unplugged³ is a varied composition for accordion solo that offers a good introduction to modern accordion literature for advanced students.

by Marius Staible
for accordion solo
Difficulty level: 5

Publisher: Edition Wunn 2015



The first year of studying together in Weimar

"I got it!"

...Daniel calls out to Marius while brushing his teeth, who is looking intently at the registration form for the renowned chamber music competition "Tina Anguissola Scotti" in Val Tidone, Italy. “We call ourselves con:trust”. Rarely have the two musicians agreed so quickly. 

The first appearance as the newly minted duo con:trust was anything but easy: straight from the blazing midday sun of Italy onto the big competition stage. And the two young musicians were the youngest participants to win first prize in two categories. This was followed by an appearance in the Berlin Philharmonie. 



The diversity of the accordion

Marius and Daniel rummage through a huge stack of barely recognizable sheet music. Shortly before, the Vonderau Museum in Fulda left the duo lost manuscripts by the Loheland composers. The duo's first big order. It slowly becomes clear to the two of them what they really have in common: the versatility of the accordion always leaves enough room for the duo's very different opinions. It is important to take a broad path and exploit the stylistic diversity of the music. On their YouTube channel, the duo publishes their first major video project: the performance of the famous Tango 1940 by Igor Stravinsky in a cold quarry in the middle of November.


con:trust in an interview

The startup con:trust, the training in Weimar, the accordion and special projects - first-hand information!


Marius Staible and Daniel Roth in a hail of questions


Concerts, performances, festivals

"Tell me, are you actually brothers?"

After numerous performances at the Kurt Weill Fest, the Liquid Sound festival and the Bachspiele, among others, the duo is sure: There is no concert at the end of which one of these three questions is not asked:

1. "Tell me, are you actually brothers?"

2. "Can you imagine that my grandfather also played the accordion?"

3."The Can you study?"

As if in response to this last question, the duo founded another YouTube channel for live recordings of their study performances. It collects classical works by Bach, Scarlatti and Ravel, but also works by famous contemporary composers such as Katzer, Lindberg and Hosokawa.


The second channel

Live recordings

On the YouTube secondary channelTrustieman you will find Classical works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti and Maurice Ravel, jazz transcriptions by Stevie Wonder, Charlie Parker and DukeEllington, but also works by famous contemporary composers such as Georg Katzer, Magnus Lindberg and Toshio Hosokawa. 

rayo de sol 00347.png



Rayo de Sol

composed 2019

For two accordions


El mafioso 00348.png



El Mafioso

composed 2019

For two accordions


Sheet Music

Own compositions, arrangements, student literature

Here you will find a selection of sheet music for accordion duo, accordion solo and chamber music ensembles!  

Die CD des Duos:

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Vonderau Museum Fulda sowie der Loheland Stiftung entstand 2019 eine einmalige CD mit Einspielungen verschollener Kompositionen der Loheland-Bewegung. Die Kompositionen der Loheländerinnen Thea von Heinleth, Marie Therese Commichau, Dorothee Fikentscher und Hertha Oblasser besitzen ihre eigene Klangsprache, welche durch das Akkordeon nicht besser dargestellt werden könnte. Die Kompositionen setzen sich aus Tänzen, Liedern und Instrumentalwerken zusammen. 

Die CD ist für 12€ erhältlich. Füllen Sie bei Interesse einfach das Kontaktformular aus um die CD zugeschickt zu bekommen!



Daniel in Helsinki

"I have to go."

Unfortunately, Daniel was not safe from Corona in Finland either. The sudden huge distance between the two artists and the pandemic caused a creative shift. The duo con:trust built a broad audience on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok through entertaining videos and quickly became seen as a role model for young musicians during these difficult times. This artistic work was recognized in a portrait by MDR Thuringia and Deutschlandfunk Kultur, among others.

There are more entertaining videos like this on the con:trust TikTok channel!


Master of Music

The master's program in Weimar offers different profiles and of course the two musicians do not choose the same ones for themselves. Daniel is studying music theory as a second subject and Marius is studying new music. 

These two profiles inspire musicians to compose, arrange and produce new music. This is how an EP is created on Spotify and Apple Music in collaboration with the outstanding cellist Eloy Medina. The special feature of the EP is that innovative sounds and noises from the accordion and cello were used to produce melodic house and drum n base beats.

The duo does not remain idle on the accordion. Marius wins first prize at the Vilnius International Accordion Competition 2021.



The Franz Liszt Prize

And then the time has come: After over 70 years of accordion history at the FRANZ LISZT Weimar University of Music, an accordionist wins the Franz Liszt Prize for the first time! And not just one: the duo con:trust is recognized with this award as a chamber music ensemble. 


A Daily Practice for failed Oracles

After a trip abroadby Marius Staible After New York, two works for accordion solo will be created: A Daily Practice for failed Oracles by the American composer William Bolles-Beaven and Jeux de lumière by the Korean composer Jongsung OH. Both works can now be found on the duo's second channel.

Meanwhile, Daniel travels to Dubai for a concert tour and wins first prize in the variety category in the accordion competition in Belgium.

Many of the duo's travels and projects are captured in the form of short VLOGs on Facebook. It's worth stopping by for insights behind the scenes!

To the Facebook channel


Das Supertalent

Das Jahr 2024 beginnt mit einer Überraschung: Das Duo con:trust tritt beim Supertalent auf. Ohne Playback, ohne Drums, ohne viel Show - nur das Instrument und die beiden Musiker auf einer komplett neuen Bühne. Der Auftritt sorgte bei der Jury  rund um Poptitan Dieter Bohlen für geteilte Meinungen... 

Daniel und Marius erhalten vom Publikum warmherzige Reaktionen zu ihrem Auftritt. Den Schritt auf eine Bühne dieses Formats zu wagen, war für die beiden sonst eher klassisch aufgestellten Musiker eine ganz neue Erfahrung. Besonders in der heutigen Zeit will das Duo con:trust seine Musik mit allen Menschen teilen - auch mit jenen, die das Instrument in dieser Art und Weise noch nicht kennengelernt haben.


New Sounds, New York

2024 werden ebenfalls 10 neue Kompositionen für Akkordeon Duo geboren. Die Werke werden nach intensiver Zusammenarbeit mit den Komponisten und Komponistinnen in Toronto, New York und Berlin uraufgeführt.

Das bisher größte Projekt des Duos ist auch gleichzeitig eines der wichtigsten. Es gibt nicht so viel Originalliteratur für Akkordeon Duo, schon garnicht von amerikanischen Komponisten. An mangelndem Interesse scheint es aber offenbar nicht zu liegen - die Konzerte waren alle drei ein großer Erfolg.

That was it...

the story of the duo con:trust!

Daniel Roth and Marius Staible have been playing together almost every day for 8 years. Despite the great distance and different ways of thinking, an initial shared love of the instrument turned into a close friendship. As with so many things in life, the duo was able to build a philosophy of life:

We are stronger together!

And even a difference of opinion today only leads to more options than to an argument. The fact that you can see this philosophy on stage is the best compliment you can give them both!


Booking: Laura Jung

Tel: +49 176 43346737


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