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Learn how to play your favorite pieces on the accordion - from the comfort of your own home




If you have an accordion at home, you actually already have almost everything you need to play any type of music. Whether music from the Middle Ages or Romantic times, music from modern jazz and pop or improvisations - anything is possible. And you can learn it - from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you need both the will and the time to practice and make progress every day. However, you will quickly notice that new skills become noticeable quickly and you find joy in making music. Book your private accordion course with Marius Staible now!


The accordion is so diverse...

...his players are just as diverse!

Young or old...

Jazz or classical...

Button or key accordion...

Beginner or advanced...

Standard bass or single tone...

There are no borders!

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Discover the chameleon of instruments for yourself!

What is this exciting instrument that looks like a piano on the outside, but sounds like a string instrument and is ultimately a wind instrument? What is the magic behind the facade that appears so different? Why do so many people play the instrument and yet so few? Go on a search for answers to the accordion phenomenon... 


"Why am I so fascinated by my instrument?"

"I have asked myself this question many times in my 22-year accordion career. And with each new challenge I have found the same answer: I am so fascinated by the accordion because it can do everything! I can accompany other musicians with sonorous ones Chords, lively rhythms and even percussion! And I can be accompanied by other musicians because the instrument can play dreamlike melodies thanks to its irresistible timbre. And that's not enough: I can accompany myself. I can unpack my instrument in any situation and get started straight away. And no matter whether I'm playing Bach or Piazzolla - I always fall in love with the accordion all over again."


Mentor's thoughts

Marius Staible, accordion world champion

Ready to get started?

An accordion lesson is at least 45 minutes long and takes place online. The only requirements are a stable internet connection and the right chair, as well as a way to create practice recordings. Whether it's a button or key accordion, standard bass system or single tone, C-grip or B-grip, Bojan or chromatic - the model of the instrument doesn't matter. The accordion course can be booked at the following prices:

6 hour course: 180€

9 hour course: €243

Apply now for a free trial lesson by filling out the contact form. Marius will then contact you shortly to arrange an appointment to get to know you for the first time. The meeting is free of charge and does not oblige you to finally book the course.


About the mentor

Marius Staible

It all started on the street...

Marius Staible has been playing the accordion since the fourth year.Age. Passionate about a group of street artists and especially their accordionist, there was no other instrument he wanted than the accordion. He had been taking lessons with Stephan Bahr at the music and art school in Jena since 2001, and even when he moved to Nuremberg in 2002, nothing could stop him from continuing to attend classes in Jena: he commuted 250 kilometers between the two every two weeks distant cities. At the age of 9 he achieved his first competition success, which was followed by over 30 further first prizes over the course of his music school career up to 2016, including at JUGEND MUSIZIERT. In 2021 he completed his bachelor's degree in accordion and music education at the FRANZ LISZT University of Music in Weimar, followed by his master's degree in 2023. Marius Staible has been teaching since 2018, first in Suhl, later in Erfurt and to this day at his old music school, the music and art school in Jena. 

The most frequently asked questions

Maybe yours is there too?

What do I need for accordion lessons?

Of course you need an accordion for the accordion course. Otherwise, a chair (ideally height-adjustable) and a laptop with a camera and working internet.

I have a button accordion. Can I take part in the course?

Although I don't play the button accordion, I understand the system - and can teach it.

The accordion course costs 6Hours 180€ one-off and 243€ for 9 hours. A first trial lesson is free.

How much does the accordion course cost?

I would like to play French musette! Can I learn this with my accordion?

That is possible. Everything is possible with an accordion!

Does the course take place in groups or individually?

The course always consists of individual lessons so that I can fully respond to the needs of my students.

How often do I have to practice to be able to play the songs I want?

It is more important,Howyou practice instead of When you practice. However, I recommend practicing daily. This is how you stay warm! 

My students usually play their first songs after 3 months.

Do you want to get started?

Fill out the contact form now and apply for a first free trial lesson with Marius!


Booking: Laura Jung

Tel: +49 176 43346737


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR

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