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 con:trust consists of the award-winning accordionists, composers and teachers Marius Staible and Daniel Roth. Since their founding in 2016, the Duo’s musical ambition has been rewarded through prizes in classical music competitions such as the “International Accordion Competition Klingenthal” and “Val Tidone Anguissola Scotti” and regularly holds concerts all around Germany and Europe. Interdisciplinary work is an essential aspect of their musical pathway. Combining the highly versatile instrument accordion with other art forms such as architecture, dance, literature, and audiovisual media, they are able to set nearly any genre into music. The corona pandemic forced the duo to start thinking outside the box. They started producing their own music and sharing it on different social media platforms. With cooperating with other artists, they were able to expand their online reach impressively. With standing for modernity, versatility and openness, con:trust’s thinking without borders is not only an abstract principle of their work, but is also to be meant literally by participating in international projects as the Caravan Orchestra and other future projects - the duo also released a CD with premieres of lost compositions by the Loheland gymnastics. con:trust received the "Franz Liszt Prize" 2022 for their special musical achievements at the FRANZ LISZT University of Music.

Marius Staible accordion duo con:trust accordion

Marius Staiblereceived accordion lessons from Stephan Bahr from 2001 to 2016 and was awarded over 50 times at the national level during this time. Since 2016 he has been studying with Claudia Buder at the FRANZ LISZT University of Music in Weimar. In 2021 he became first prize winner of the international accordion competition in Vilnius. Staible's award-winning composition Unplugged3 has become a must-have piece for competitions across Europe. Marius Staible works closely with composers of new music and has already initiated numerous premieres throughout Germany and also in New York in 2022. 

Daniel Roth Accordion Accordion Duo con:trust

Daniel Roth studied accordion and music theory with Ivan Koval, Claudia Buder and Veli Kujala in Weimar and Helsinki. The young musician composed and arranged pieces for numerous bands, students and accordion performers. Roth gives lectures and seminars in the areas of music theory and jazz and is in close contact with the classical and entertainment music scene in Germany, Finland, Russia, France and the Vagreed Arab Emirates. In 2023, Roth received first prize in the international accordion competition "" in the Senior Variety category in Belgium.


The story of the duo

How did it all start? How different are they really? What is the contrast and what is the trust? Here you will find insights into the now 15 year old Acquaintance of the duo. 

At the very end you will also find the life philosophy of the two musicians, which can still be found in their music today.

Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust
Akkordeonduo con:trust


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