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Listen to our Interviews, broadcasted by German TV Shows or Radio Channels. 

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Follow us on Instagram for innovative content with the accordion everyday and to get to know us better. You'll find short covers, pictures and collaborations with other outstanding artists there. All Songs are produced by ourselves.

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Visit our YouTube Channel "con:trust" for our professional music videos! You've never experienced the accordion like this before!

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Our compositions and arrangements for accordion duo

(and other combinations). You'll find the records on YouTube and Instagram. Contact us to buy whole scores!

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Listen to our Music, "The Broken EP" and "Harlequin EP" on Spotify and Apple Music! All Songs are using the sound of the accordion. The "Harlequin EP" is produced together with the outstanding cellist Eloy Medina.

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Visit our second channel on YouTube "Trustieman", to listen to classical accordion music, performed live on stage! You'll find classical music (Bach, Ravel, Schumann) as well as the most famous contemporary pieces for accordion.

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Our CD "compositions from Loheland"! This Pieces have never been recorded, or partially performed. A unique opportunity to listen to music from the women's movement "Loheland" (1900). Contact us to buy a CD for 12€!

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Buy Unplugged³ for accordion solo, composed by Marius Staible. This piece is an price awarded contemporary piece, also a compulsory piece for famous competitions in europe.

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Listen to our electronic songs on Soundcloud. All pieces are combined with the unique sound of the accordion.

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